WebDAV-Sync is a lightweight and simple application that you can use to synchronize a local folder with WebDAV.
The application can keep the WebDAV URL synchronized with the selected local directory. It comes in handy for program sources compilation or document processing tasks.


Download ===> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ===> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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WebDAV-Sync is a freeware application that was developed for Windows platform. The idea of the application is to synchronize the selected local directory with a selected WebDAV URI (or path). In some cases, such synchronization is needed for different reasons. For example, when you process documents from a shared folder, which is synchronized with the WebDAV system, you need to regularly synchronize the folder, to update the documents. This can be done by using the WebDAV-Sync application.
The program features simple and intuitive interface. It does not have any dependencies on a WebDAV server. You only need to set up the WebDAV URI, which is required to synchronize the local folder. The program supports synchronization of file types and subfolders. The synchronization can be started or stopped from a scheduled task. You can also set up the program to periodically synchronize the folder or use the default settings.
The application works in all Windows platforms and has the latest updates. There is no trial version available. There are no known system requirements. The interface is easy to use and understand. The user interface is responsive and clear.
Provides a free tool to synchronize local folder with WebDAV URL
Synchronizes files, subfolders and directory
Synchronizes in a scheduled task
Removes access times in subfolders
Can synchronize specific directories
Integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
Can be used on both Win7 and Win8 operating systems
Integrates with other applications
Supports multiple folders synchronization
Supports custom labels
Supports Google Drive web interface
Supports the webDAV protocol
The program includes the latest version of WebDAV.
How to use:
1. To get the WebDAV-Sync program, click here to get the download link.
2. Run the program and press Next to select the folder to synchronize.
3. Select the folder to synchronize, press Next.
4. Select the synchronization option. The default synchronization setting is suitable for most users. You can select the custom synchronization option, if you know that the selected folder includes a lot of small files. In this case, use the custom setting option.
5. Enter a URI or URL, press Next.
6. Select one of the following synchronization types:
7. Select the option for the synchronization period, press Next.
8. Press Finish to synchronize the selected directory with

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WebDAV-Sync is a free application that you can use to synchronize a local folder with WebDAV.
It is based on jWebDAV.

GNU General Public License, version 2


1. Choose «Do not synchronize» to disable WebDAV-Sync synchronisation.
2. Choose the path for the file and directory.
3. Choose «OK» to synchronize your files.
4. Open to see your synchronised files.
5. Choose «Export» to export your local files.
6. Choose «Import» to import your files from the browser.

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What’s New In WebDAV-Sync?

– Create: New WebDAV Synchronization Project
– Open: Open a previously created project
– File: Open a single file in the synchronization project
– Sync: Synchronize WebDAV source and local directory
– Export: Save WebDAV File
– Import: Import WebDAV File
– Remove: Delete file from the synchronization project
– New Sync: Add folder to the synchronization project
– Full Compare: Compare WebDAV Sync File and Folder
– User: Get User Info
– Home: Get Help
– Keywords: Exit

WebDAV-Sync is installed under the folder

How To Use:
1. You can start WebDAV-Sync by double click on the driver
2. You can synchronize a WebDAV Source File with a local directory or an other WebDAV Source File by right clicking on the synchronization project.
3. You can create an automatic synchronization for an entire WebDAV folder by using the «New Sync» button on the left.
4. You can compare a WebDAV Sync File with a local directory by right clicking on the synchronization project.

– Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
– Java version 1.3 or higher
– Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
– Installer file is located in \System32\Drivers\WebDAV\WebDAV-Sync.exe

– The application works only with folders under the
\System32\Drivers\WebDAV\WebDAV folder.
– Be sure that you have installed the driver
under \System32\Drivers\WebDAV

How to get help:
– Choose Help from the application menu and read the help file that will open.
– If you are not sure how to use the application, please use the «New Sync» button to create a new synchronization project.
– If you have any questions and need to contact us, send mail to the following address:

Full license:

How to ask for bugs:
You can report bugs in the Bugs forum.

This product was written by Jeffrey Plunkett, whindows@hampshire.edu for
WindiChamber.com. This software is provided «AS IS» without any warranty of
any kind. The author assumes no responsibility for its use.

The authors would like to thank John T. Hatcher (imunki) for his help in
improving the installer.

and to understanding and appreciation of it. A lot of studies have been made in this


System Requirements:

1. Create a «My Versions» folder in the «Documents and Settings/[username]» directory on the DVD/CD drive.
2. Drag and drop all of the files from the «My Versions» folder to the Game folder on the DVD/CD drive.
3. Copy all of the «Language.jar» files to the game\extras folder.
4. Burn or copy the backup copy of the game to the root of the disc or USB drive.
5. Run the game.
6. Navigate through