As your knowledge of music theory and production expands, you may want to try to approach your craft differently. For example, if you started by working with samples, you may feel a natural need to create your sounds from scratch. For this purpose you will be looking into the capabilities of many virtual synths; not only will you find it difficult to choose one that suits your needs, but you may also be just a bit amazed at how powerful some of these plugins are.
If you’re looking to create sounds using a complex process such as wavetable synthesis, then surely a versatile tool such as RAPID Synthesizer could be of help.
A complex synth with an intuitive interface
There probably aren’t that many people in the world that can think of any reason why a synth should be able to produce eight layers of sound. Well, RAPID can do just that, each layer featuring no less than three oscillators. That’s 24 oscillators in one single plugin! It’s difficult even to imagine what it would sound like if you played all of them together. Thankfully, not many producers would consider doing that, at least not without proper tweaking.
Well, RAPID isn’t shy on tweaking possibilities either. Each layer allows you to carefully modify your wavetables until they start to resemble music, by selecting the amount of voices each oscillator uses, and then adjusting bass, treble, balance, and volume. After that, you can select the type of filter that you want to use for the layer, choose between a plethora of different effects, and then route LFOs, envelopes, sequencers and an arpeggiator to other parameters.
Surprisingly intuitive
There’s no doubt that RAPID can do quite a lot, but chances are that, if you’ve worked with virtual synths before, you won’t find this one very difficult to use. Helpful tooltips may answer your questions fairly quickly, while the presets should highlight most of the plugin’s capabilities.
Speaking of which, RAPID’s library is simply huge, featuring hundreds of sound presets, modulator presets, effect presets, wavetables, and multi-samples. If that’s not enough, you can always get more extensions from the developer’s website. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you take your sound design to the next level, RAPID Synthesizer is definitely a worthy plugin.







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RAPID is a flexible wavetable based VST/AU/RTAS synthesis engine, featuring an intuitive and easy to use GUI. With RAPID you can create and modify any sound you can imagine, from basslines to leads, melodies and drum patterns. RAPID also features many powerful Modulators, FX and Sequencer and includes tons of ready-to-use Patches.




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Select, alter and combine MACRO parameters using a drag-n-drop interface.
UP from browser menu:
(Translate to other languages)
drag a parameter into a macro
double click or hold on a parameter in a macro to select it
temporary range (Single/Multi):
if there is only a single parameter selected, temporarily select a range of it’s values
hold down the shift key to toggle between active and inactive
automatically select last active parameter for next drag
automatically select currently inactive parameter for next drag
automatically reset parameter values after button pressed
create macro:
double click on a parameter to create a new macro
drag a parameter into a new macro
double click on a parameter to duplicate it
click on this button to exit the macro editor and continue editing the current parameter values
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RAPID Synthesizer is a new virtual instrument which allows you to create new sounds using 3 oscillators, 3 effects, and a wet/dry control. It is basically a wavetable synth with its own unique features:
· 8 layers with up to 24 oscillators each
· Intuitive user interface which allows you to tweak, create and mix your sound
· Intuitive controls for creating complex sounds
· Multi-samples and presets, from over 30 wavetable presets by Music Lovers Productions, including exotic sounds
· Intuitive user interface which allows you to tweak, create and mix your sound
· Intuitive controls for creating complex sounds
· Multi-samples and presets, from over 30 wavetable presets by Music Lovers Productions, including exotic sounds
· Large and diverse collection of presets
· User-friendly wavetable editor
· 8 Layers, with 3 oscillators per layer
· Damping and Mix control for each oscillator
· Very easy to use : the RAPID interface is very intuitive and easy to understand
· Compatible with ALL virtual synths : UNDO, BACKUP, etc.
· Transparent equalizer
· Stereo and mono bus for each oscillator
· Internal Wavetable mode : fixed 32k wavetable resolution
· 16 sample slots, or 32k sampler resolution
· 32 free oscillator LFOs
· Stereo input and output connectors
· Virtual instrument format : WAV or AU
· Four different effects for each oscillator : EQ, Filter, Delay, and a Wet/dry control
· Multiple modulation routings
· MIDI output
· Hi-Quality (24bit) WAV output
· User-friendly wavetable editor
· Set wavetable size to 32k or 16k samples
· Play back and save your own wavetable presets
· Drag and drop your own wavetable presets
· Wavetable tuning
· The RAPID synth has a wide selection of presets, from new wavetable sounds to exotic sounds.
· 8 layers with up to 24 oscillators each
· Intuitive user interface which allows you to tweak, create and mix your sound
· Intuitive controls for creating complex sounds
· Multi-samples and presets, from over 30 wavetable presets by Music Lovers Productions, including exotic sounds
· User-friendly wavetable editor
· 32 Free Oscillator LFOs
· Stereo Input and Output Connectors
· 16 sample slots, or 32

What’s New in the?

RAPID is a modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use wavetable synth with 10+ oscillators and an intuitive GUI. With no less than three oscillators per layer, RAPID sounds is extremely rich and realistic. RAPID’s layers offer two types of wavetables. Combining them provides you with an incredibly powerful synth with a huge sound library. RAPID features an intuitive interface and an abundance of wavetable synthesis parameters for creating all your sounds.
Sample usage
RAPID is the only fully featured real time wavetable synth available, which means it has no internal delay, no sample playback, no GUI and no GUI restrictions.
Wavetable Sources
RAPID can use any audio input source, including mono samples, stereo samples or midi input. RAPID offers a control to limit the number of voices. If samples are loaded, you can select for each layer whether to display wavetables, their step-size, their number of samples and whether to apply sample looping.
RAPID allows you to modify the wavetable envelopes using your own automation curves. You can even send LFOs, VCA parameters, filters and FX parameters from other modules to the envelopes. The envelopes features an LFO shape interpolation, so that it can follow any LFO curve that you set, even if it isn’t the same shape as the envelope itself.
Multi Oscillator Arpeggiator
RAPID offers a 4 oscillators per layer arpeggiator with a multitude of presets for creating complex sequences. The arpeggiator allows you to control the playback using 16 steps with a new arpeggiator step shape. RAPID features an eight step shape for the position jump between the oscillators. For the PWM mode you can select the output to send the clock signal to the connected hardware or to an external clock signal. The arpeggiator is highly optimized, even if you use it in conjunction with the filter to create sequences that contain odd number of steps.
Real time modulation of the sound
RAPID offers many modulation routings. You can control the modulation parameters using any MIDI output in sync with the internal clock signal, in a sync with each note or in a free running mode. The modulation parameters can be routed to LFOs, VCA parameters, filters and FX parameters. The envelopes feature an LFO shape interpolation, so that it can follow any LFO curve that you set, even if it isn’t the same shape as the envelope itself.
Advanced filter effects
RAPID offers a huge number of filter effects. You can create any filter from 1, 2, 3 or 4 bands using a wide variety of the most commonly used filter types, like low pass, high pass, band pass, notch,

System Requirements For RAPID Synthesizer:

It is recommended that you have a minimum of 16GB of available RAM (32GB or more is better), and a GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM (4GB or more is better).
Recommended Specifications:
1920×1080 (minimum)
4096×2304 (recommended)
Vulkan API Support (minimum)
DirectX 12 API Support (minimum)
DirectX 11 API Support (recommended)
Aspects Of The Technology
The Oculus Rift S is a standalone