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This software was created by the authors of the Delphi Builder product.

What It Does:

Precision Delphi Script is an independent software component that provides a solution for a set of script-related problems.
You use it as an external command-line interpreter and you can use it as a command-line tool.

Precision Delphi Script Features:

● Supports execution of Object Pascal Script (.pas) and Object Pascal (.dpas), RemObjects Pascal Script (.dpr) and RemObjects DataPower Script (.dpps) scripts directly from the Windows command-line tool;

● Supports execution of most of the standard Delphi routines for use in scripts (Pas and DPAS files);

● Supports execution of Delphi commands (TWinControl_ methods, ActiveX Control-based toolbars, and modules) directly from scripts;

● Supports execution of clipboard functions (functions from «Unicode and data» topic) directly from scripts;

● Supports execution of the following DOS environment functions and their parameters:

○ Environment functions with parameters: fullpath, basename, dirname, pathlength, expandvars, getenv, putenv, getegid, putegid, geteuid, puteuid, getgid, putgid, putenv, setenv, createprocess, getpid, getcwd, getuid, setuid, geteuid, seteuid, getgid, setgid, setuid, seteuid, setgid, setegid;

○ System functions with parameters: system, systemerror, setprocess_priority;

○ Functions with parameters without arguments: cls, driver32, driver64, setreu, setre, getre, setre, getre, setru, setru, getru, setru, setru, getru, setru, getru, set_size, set_start, get_size, get_start, reset, set_float, get_float, get_singles;

● Supports execution of common Delphi units for use in scripts (PDAs, XPAs, PDSs, and RPSs);

● Supports execution of the following Windows API functions with arguments:

● Supports execution of Pascal-to-Delphi conversion functions. Please, refer to Installation notes for more details;

● Supports

Precision Delphi Script Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

– * A Wide Platform: Use the Windows operating system (XP/2003/Vista/2008), different Macs, Linux distribution and/or UNIX-based systems.
– * Multi-platform Support (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.): It has always been developed using the Win32 API. Thus, it works on all OS platforms, including Windows, Macs, Linux and UNIX variants.
– * User-friendly Interface: It includes a set of dialogs, menus and icons.
– * Cross-platform Applications (Windows and Mac): Version 3 of the script works on both systems, making it possible to create cross-platform applications that run on the same script file. It even works on Mac OS X without any changes.
– * Dynamic Runtime Versions: New features are easily integrated. These features are compatible with the last version of the script, not only with the development environment in use.
– * Compatibility with the RemObjects Pascal Script engine: If installed, it adds functionality not included in the script engine (item configuration, debugging, etc.).
– * Dynamic Interface (New and Existing Scripts): It is loaded on demand, which makes it possible to change existing scripts and to create new ones dynamically.
– * Data-driven Programming: It allows you to create scripts with dynamic data, stored in a structure. And now, it is fully integrated into pdScript environment.
– * Portable, Compatible and Independent: pdScript is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. However, it is portable and independent in the sense that it does not need to be installed and can be easily used as a command-line (you can specify the script file as a parameter for pdScript.exe application).
– * Stable and Fast: It works correctly, with no crashes or bugs. Moreover, it can be easily extended by downloading «Add-ons» from its forum.
– * Open Source: It is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Thus, you can customize it, improve and extend it.
The script installs in the following folder, depending on the user of the product:

If the script is installed in the default location, pdScript loads it automatically when needed.
If the script is installed in

Precision Delphi Script With Full Keygen

Precision Delphi Script is an execution engine based on the «RemObjects Pascal Script engine».
The main components of this execution engine are:
– a lexical analyzer and parser (which enables you to perform complicated functions much more easily than using a typical DLL-based language interpreter)
– a scripting environment with an arbitrary high level of
scripting language features (uses the «RemObjects Pascal Script engine» as a backend)
– a scripting debugger (which enables you to directly step into the scripts, monitor variables, execute standard functions and components, etc.)
Script files written in the «RemObjects Pascal Script engine» and supported by the «Precision Delphi Script» engine can be executed both from the command line (by specifying the script file as a parameter for «pdScript.exe» application) and from Windows environment (using the graphical user interface)
Vladimir Kovar (vkovar)

The following installer components are part of the «Precision Delphi Script» product:
– installer for «Precision Delphi Script» platform
– installer for «Precision Delphi Script» Runtime
– «Precision Delphi Script» Runtime (executable file «pdScript.exe», installable «pdScript.dcu» file for «Precision Delphi Script» Runtime, Windows 32bit executable for «pdScript» script debugger, Windows installer for «pdScript.dbg» debugger and Delphi 2010 MSI package to install all the components)
– «Precision Delphi Script» Runtime images (.drc files) for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32/64 bit and both edition)
– installation wizard for each version of the product
The following image illustrates the components included in «Precision Delphi Script» package:

To install «Precision Delphi Script» onto your computer:
1. Go to «Precision Delphi Script» Downloads page:
2. Download the appropriate installer for «Precision Delphi Script» platform.
3. Run the installer to install «Precision Delphi Script» runtime platform.
4. Install the appropriate runtime image (.drc file) from the downloaded image for your operating system.
5. Run the supplied «pdScript.exe» application.
6. Download and run the supplied «pdScript.dbg» application.


What’s New in the?

The post-installation script, discovered through the registry, contains a simple C# script that is executed after the pdScript.exe application installation.
In this script you can specify the location of the pdScript.exe (which is a «pdScript.exe» application) and the script path (which is located in the «%_ProgramFiles_[_Product name]_[_Version]_» directory).
Once the script execution is completed, the settings of your product are ready to use.
Precision Delphi Script Architecture:
Below are the script objects defined in the «pdScript.pas» component.
Each of the pdScript objects has the following properties and methods:
– «ScriptObjectName» which contains the name of the object (and also the script extension)
– «ScriptDescription» which describes the object
– «ScriptDescriptionContent» which is a summary of the description; used in the «Installed»-Section of your «ProductInfo» dialog box
– «ScriptActionName» which is the name of the script action and contains the description of the action
– «ScriptActionContent» which is a summary of the action description; used in the «Clicked»-Section of your «ProductInfo» dialog box
– «ScriptIdleActionName» which is the name of the action when «pdScript.exe» application is idle
– «ScriptIdleActionContent» which is a summary of the action description; used in the «Clicked»-Section of your «ProductInfo» dialog box
– «ScriptFinished» which stores whether or not the action has been executed or not
– «HasExecuteError» which stores whether or not the script execution has failed; defined by the pdScript.exe application
– «ExecuteErrorStack» which stores the last trace of the script execution error or null in case the execution has completed successfully
– «ExecuteErrorStackString» which stores the last trace of the script execution error; converted to string and stored in the log file
– «ExecuteErrorStackStringPath» which stores the full path of the log file where the last trace of the script execution error is stored
– «ExecuteErrorStackPath» which stores the path where the log file where the last trace of the script execution error is stored
– «ExecuteErrorCount» which stores the number of script execution errors
– «SourceFileName» which is the full file name of

System Requirements For Precision Delphi Script:

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Downloadable Content – Rift on Switch will run with any online subscription. No additional fees or commitments will be required to use content.
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