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# Warming up with image editing

The photo-editing function enables you to alter or augment the basic image properties and layers of an image. In the following list, I cover some of the most useful features of this powerful tool.

As you can see, the list of features in this section is substantial. However, it’s not exhaustive. The features covered in this chapter are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re the technically inclined type, you’ll find a plethora of features and tricks available.

Here are some great book recommendations on using Photoshop for image editing:

* **Photoshop Elements 6 Secrets for Digital Photographers:** Get to know all of the features in this highly effective guide to Photoshop Elements 6. You’ll even find dozens of tips for the beginner or advanced user. A must-have guide for all photographers.
* **Mastering Photoshop CS5, Second Edition:** A quick and easy guide to learning Photoshop CS5. This book

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This is a comprehensive guide to Photoshop Elements 14.

Note: This guide was created using Photoshop Elements 14, but it can be used for other versions. Please refer to the appropriate version notes to see what changes were made.

Version History

1.0 Released October 16, 2019 5’41»

First Published Version

1.2 Added iTunes File Import

Version 1.3 Updated Import Toolbox sequence

1.4 Added more color correction categories

1.5 Improved image composition table

1.6 Added Undo, Clear History and Redo

1.7 Added new camera

Version 1.8 Added new filters

1.9 Added new touch activity

2.0 Added new suggestions

2.1 Fixed loading session history

2.2 Added new mode categories

2.3 Added more color modes

2.4 Added new editing tools

2.5 Added new quick fix features

2.6 Added new create masks

2.7 Added new color correction tools

2.8 Added new import tools

2.9 Fixed blurry lenses

2.10 Fixed missing windows

2.11 Improved many features

3.0 Added 360 panorama and 360 spherical photo editing

4.0 Added new face tools

4.1 Added new transparency tools

4.2 Added new gradient tools

4.3 Added new sticker tools

4.4 Added new tool presets

4.5 Added new audio/video tools

4.6 Added new brushes

4.7 Added new canvas zoom tools

5.0 Added new color theory tools

5.1 Added new graphic design tools

5.2 Added new shape tools

5.3 Fixed bug with colors highlighting in canvas zoom

5.4 Fixed multiple histograms in polar display

5.5 Added new video editing tools

5.6 Added new audio tools

5.7 Fixed incorrect fonts

5.8 Added new output profile tools

5.9 Fixed incorrect histogram scale bars

6.0 Added new image crop tools

6.1 Fixed distorted selection and active tools when no longer on an image

6.2 Added new layer and image slicing tools

6.3 Added new color balance tools

6.4 Added new brand identity tools


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