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* The `` website is a highly recommended site for Photoshop learning. It’s both extensive and helpful.

In this chapter, you take an in-depth look at the following:

* Using the on-screen workspace
* Uploading and downloading images
* Using the Select and Marquee tools
* Rasterizing and vectorizing images
* Creating layers and masking
* Deleting and cropping image areas
* Merging layers and paths
* Adding effects to your images

## Working in the Photoshop Workspace

A good way to become familiar with Photoshop is to work on a copy of an image you would like to edit. (Note the word _copy_ here. There is no requirement for the image you start the Photoshop workflow with to be a final image, but the final image will end up being based on the original.)

Before you load the image into Photoshop, consider how you will access your work in the future. Most graphics professionals keep a copy of their original image on a hard drive or DVD for safekeeping and later use.

In the following exercise, you perform all the steps to load an image and edit it in Photoshop. You may want to follow along with the completed file (`Monet_Final.jpg`) at ` for a preview of the steps.

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Editor’s Note: Today’s cover story on Photoshop is about a tool that might not have made it into Photoshop if not for the tireless advocacy of the VSCO (VSCO is a popular independent photography app and a Photoshop CTL). Steve Marcus went to bat for VSCO and convinced the Adobe guys to include it into Photoshop. No doubt this has had a huge impact on the success of VSCO and the future of the app.

Steve Marcus created VSCO in 2006 while working for the company Snowflake as a product manager. He left Snowflake in 2008 and went on to work for Adobe in San Francisco as the community manager for Photoshop. In 2015, he was introduced to Stephen Malinowski, another Snowflake alumnus who worked on Photoshop and other Adobe products in Sydney and Canberra. When Steve became the community manager for VSCO, he recruited Stephen.

«He was a dream to work with. I mean, he just really, really, really delivered when it came to the community,» Steve said.

They worked together for a few months, but it was obvious they had their own visions for VSCO and were not a good fit for each other. Stephen wanted to keep VSCO as it was and Steve wanted to improve it, with the help of the community. So they decided to quit their day jobs and found a local digital agency that could help out. Steve said that at the time there was so little knowledge of Photoshop, and the agency was able to teach him some skills that really helped.

They launched the VSCO web app in mid-2014 and attracted over half a million users within the first year. That first year was also the time that Adobe rolled out Photoshop for mobile devices, Stephen said.

«The creative community was in the midst of a revolution and it was completely new,» Stephen said. «We were genuinely pioneering the app to be able to enable all these community members to enjoy Photoshop and be able to create amazing images from their mobile devices.»

«We have a set of tools and we have a vision, and a lot of the time we get stuck in that,» Steve said. «And then, it was interesting that not only were we pioneering the new mobile world, but also the mobile community was about to embrace the whole concept of Photoshop and digital photography and then, we had this crazy revolution.»

«And at the same time, I was in school at the time. I had a

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KAPUZOKUTA.RR Documentation



KAPUZOKUTA data frame : observations on 3 villages.




This data frame contains the following columns:

The village ID.

Village ID in KORAMOSA(1).

Village ID in KARANGOLDIOS(2).

Village ID in SUYELLA(1).

Village ID in SAMA(2).

Makassare floristic diversity (

What’s New in the?


How to get the parent and child tables info with a single query with MS-Access

I’m trying to make a report with the parents and children(cascading records) relation,
and using with the (MS Access) query builder and not SQL queries, which i know will give me the needed data but, I want to know if there is a way to have only one query that gives me the needed data
Here is my table structure

example :(related to the top image)

the query I want is :
“Parent” “Child”
S1 S2
S1 S3
S2 S4
S3 S5


To follow up on the OP’s comment: the parent/child data are the columns ‘Y’ and ‘Z’, as the OP asked for the parent/children of each row in the table ‘X’, not the parents/children of the entire table.
Right-click on the table X and select Query Properties in the pop-up dialog that appears. In the ‘Fields in Table’ section of the ‘General’ tab, select the column ‘Y’ and add a WHERE condition to only select X records where the value in the column ‘Z’ is not null. For example:

Melodrama (band)

Melodrama were a California based heavy metal band.

Founded by ex-Blue Öyster Cult vocalist Sandy Slavin, Melodrama took part in a series of heavy metal festival tours of Europe and Japan in the early 1980s. A review of their European dates in The Wire stated: “The Philly band have been touted as being the best live band this side of Udo [Derived from “doom”, Udo] Schneider … A little rough around the edges, but a hell of a lot of energy.”

In 1982, Melodrama signed a deal with the then newly formed Iron

System Requirements:

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare will run on a wide range of systems, including current-generation consoles, and the Nintendo Wii. The minimum system requirements to play Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare are currently:
Nintendo Gamecube (Nintendo Gamecube) – 1.4 GHz processor
Nintendo Gamecube (Nintendo Gamecube) – 1GB RAM
Nintendo Gamecube (Nintendo Gamecube) – 700 MB HDD
Nintendo Gamecube (Nintendo Gamecube) – Plug-in USB keyboard and mouse, or a Bluetooth-compatible controller (we recommend the Wireless Controller)