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# Canon cameras

The Canon Digital IXUS line, as shown in Figure 7-14, has a built-in camera with several different output interfaces, including USB and XLR data connections to transfer your images to a computer. In these cameras, you can also record sound.

Figure 7-14: Most Canon cameras have a built-in camera with multiple interfaces to transfer your images to a computer.

You can take advantage of the camera’s multiple connections to transfer your images in a number of different ways. The following sections describe two of the options available and how to use them.

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Pixlr is another web-based graphics editor with a simpler user interface and a wide variety of features.

Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Pixlr, all these editors are used to create high-quality images and vector graphics.

Photoshop Tutorials are used for image manipulation and this includes image editing, image resizing, creation of layered or vector graphics, and the cleaning up of images.

Vector Graphics are used in the creation of logos, illustrations, and icons. These are built using vectors, are scalable and are bitmap-free, so they look better on screens or print than their raster images counterparts.

Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing program that isn’t expensive to purchase. It has a wide variety of features and tools that make it a useful and practical tool.

By using these Photoshop Tutorials and Photoshop Guides, you can become familiar with the different features of Photoshop and will be able to edit images and design graphics.

The next step you will take as an Image Editor in Photoshop Tutorials is to learn how to use the functions within it that will make you an expert graphics editor.

You can follow our Free Photoshop tutorial on this website, or you can search for other tutorials on Photoshop.

Free Photoshop Guides for Beginners:

• Create a New Document/Layer

• Resize an Image

• Background Removal and Clipping Mask

• Colorize an Image

• Apply a Filter

• Brightness and Contrast

• Adjust Color

• Adjust Lighting

• Adjust Shadows and Highlights

• Sharpen an Image

• Curves and Levels

• Blending Modes

• Gaussian Blur

• Adjusting Web/Social Media Images

• Quick Mask

• Extract an Object

• Spray Painter

• Gradient Overlay

• Perspective Grid

• Sharpen an Image

• Curves

• Drop Shadow

• Gradient Overlay

• Clone Stamp/Layer Mask

• Lasso Selection Tool

• Healing Brush

• Vanish Mask

• Repeat Patterns

• Opacity Mask

• Remove Ghosts

• Warp Tool

• Transform Tools

• Distort and Transform

• Smart Filter

• Quick Selection

• Create a New Layer

• Selections and Layers

• Gradient and Color

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5 Ways to Stay Perfectly Calm During Bedtime Worry

It seems like sleep is the one thing in life you can’t just do without, ever. But any time you hit the pillow, you’re not really alone.

There’s no escaping bedtime, but for some, the inability to fall asleep takes a toll. It may not be your cat leaping on the bed or your child’s whining, but it could be other things.

The consequences are similar. When you’re the one who can’t put the kid down at night, you’re going to have more of an impact on your relationship, your mood and your stress levels. And all of that can send you right to the edge.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s important to speak with your partner. If you’re more worried about not being able to fall asleep, speak with your children about how to stay calm. And if you’re the one who’s having a hard time falling asleep, use the tips below.

1. Listen to soft music.

Don’t think that music is just for dancing and partying. It can be an effective tool for getting through those early hours of the night.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that listening to music can make you fall asleep easier.

2. Turn off technology.

Technology can be a huge problem for sleep. It’s a well-known fact that the blue light from a cell phone or tablet can disrupt your sleep. This can affect your hormones and keep you awake. It can also cause damage to your eyes and brain.

If you want to turn off your phone at night, use a screen-free app that shuts down screens.

There are also plenty of apps that will block notifications while you’re sleeping. They’re essentially a silent cell phone.

3. Have a designated “night mode.”

Turn off the lights in your bedroom so you can relax. Choose a light color scheme for the room that can help you fall asleep.

Pick a room that is dark, but not black. Dark browns, blues and grays are all great choices. If you want to spice up your bedroom, choose some accents that aren’t dark.

For example, plants that require direct

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Presented a review of recent research in the areas of isochronal dating, the search for the historic population of the New World, and the application of population genetics to forensic problems. Panel members: F. R. Schoch, NRC; Evan Gibbs, NRC; John H. L. Schweiger, NRC


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