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– shows you all information about your network traffic in a one-window interface.
– interactive and easy-to-use.
– 5 network profiles: full, with alarm, monitor, individual hosts and service.
– supports multiple profiles.
– alarm logging on changing parameters.
– share statitics via email.
– customizable window layouts.
– visualize alarm notifications in a pop-up window.
– distance visualization, alarm, countdown of alarm times and alarm radius.
– remote access.
– remote monitoring.
– hosts search and filtering.
– DNS lookup.
– TCP/IP graph.
– real-time processing.
– user-friendly interface.
– customizable look and feel of each window.
– automatic host detection.
– port scanning.
– active connections, sessions and hosts list.
– log analyzer.
– automatic download of data from log file.
– PHP library.
– statistics saving and reporting.
– remote administration (by request).
– backup.
– IPv4/IPv6 logging.
– SNMP agent.
– logging per account.
– SNMP read-only mode.
– SNMP read/write (by request).
– SNMP server-side access with authentication.
– SNMP read-only mode.
– SNMP read/write (by request).
– SNMP server-side access with authentication.
– report templates.
– timestamp encryption.
– supports unicode.
– SSL encryption.
– richtext based reports, charts and graphs.
– multi-lingual.
– supports all popular browsers.
– provides the most suitable alarms.
– supports multiple systems.
Network Probe Full Crack Screenshots:

v2.01b (11/4/06)

v2.01a (9/9/05)

v2.01 (9/5/05)

v2.00 (7/29/05)

v1.02b (6/14/05)

v1.02a (5/30/05)

v1.02 (3/18/05)

v1.01 (3/13/05)

v1.01b (2/19/05)

v1.01a (2/19/05)

v1.01 (2/18/05

Network Probe License Keygen

Define, analyse and control most important traffic parameters on your network.Network Probe Crack Free Download requires no network configuration or compatibility issues, and can be used on practically any computer with network interface and Internet connection.

Support the traffic logs for saving all the collected statistics.Network Probe Crack Keygen supports exporting all the collected statistics for easy analysis later.

Two types of traffic monitoring are available: Absolute and Delta. Network Probe Free Download can monitor the network activity and differentiate between the connections that are actually in use and the rest – for example, popular web search programs are recognized as used for web surfing. The Absolute type of traffic monitoring is achieved by comparing the parameters in the source and destination and the received traffic is compared to the sent traffic. If the difference exceeds a certain value, an alarm is raised. Using this type of traffic monitoring, an alarm is triggered when the volume of activity exceeds the value set by the user.

In order to gather more accurate information about the state of the network, Network Probe Cracked Version offers the Delta mode of operation. The Delta mode of traffic monitoring is achieved by comparing the amount of activity in a time frame, which can be configured by the user. The comparison of the traffic parameters is made in time intervals, for example 10 minutes or 30 minutes. If the difference exceeds the user-defined value, an alarm is triggered. This type of traffic monitoring has higher accuracy, which makes it easier to differentiate between the valid network traffic and time leakage caused by poor connection.

Setting alarms enables you to view all traffic statistics in a separate window. Through the use of monitoring profiles, you can easily load the desired configuration and monitor multiple network hosts simultaneously.

You can use Network Probe to monitor the network traffic on workstations that share the same IP address, or on a specific network host only. You can also search through the entire host list for particular host names or IP addresses.

The statistics that are available in Network Probe can be stored in an XML format and exported for easy analysis later. With the help of the built-in conversion software, you can save the collected statistics as text, HTML, FCSK, CSV, XLS, and more.

Network Probe is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used on virtually any computer. No installation is required and Network Probe does not even need to be running in the background.

Your feedback is appreciated!

Network Probe is completely free software and not associated with any company, organization or entity. We would appreciate any support you can offer to keep

Network Probe Crack + Incl Product Key

Monitor network activity in real-time
Identify network problems
Easy to install and use
Monitor traffic in real-time
Collect and display traffic statistics in real-time
Provides detailed and easy to understand reports about traffic
Customizable monitor profiles
Search for hosts from a list of IP addresses
Easily add a new IP address to your list
Filter results by IP address, user, protocol, host, size, and more
View detailed graphs and statistics
The interface is self-explanatory, because you always get a well-thought-out list of traffic statistics organized in tabs and charts.
Network Probe Benefits:
Easy to use, and very intuitive
Quick and accurate network monitoring
Visual representations of network activity
Helpful feedback for finding network issues
Complete network management tool
Monitor multiple hosts and receive alerts
Monitor traffic in real-time
Collect and display traffic statistics in real-time
This is a basic network monitor that contains basic traffic monitoring features.
Network Probe is a basic network monitor that helps you monitor and track any network traffic and alerts you to potential problems. This is a basic network monitor.

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What’s New in the Network Probe?

Network Monitor is an advanced network monitor, which provides a set of powerful and useful tools to help you to monitor your network uptime, troubleshoot problems, discover and analyze network traffic to improve and maintain your network operations. It provides information about network connections, IP traffic, hosts, applications, etc. Network Monitor can be used to view real time network traffic, check network status, generate alarms and statistics about network connections, hosts, applications, and protocols and monitor the traffic through the windows, control traffic with the special filters, traffic wizard, filter list and reports. If you would like to have a complete overview of your network performance, Network Monitor offers a complete set of visualization to monitor your network status in real time.
Network Monitor Features:

It’s a useful tool to monitor your network uptime and network
It will provide you with detailed statistics about bandwidth consumed
by each application or protocol on a host
It will show you the real time information regarding current state of network connection.
It will monitor inbound and outbound traffic and detects connections with a variety of port and addresses.
It has alarm settings to detect high bandwidth usage on your network.
It can generate alarms based on the threshold values of bandwidth consumption
It will provide you with the graphical reports about the bandwidth consumption for the current day, current week, current month and current year.
It provides an application list to list all the applications running on your network hosts. You can also control traffic using the protocol list and the port list. You can set the applications to be allowed and the protocols to be allowed and unallowed.

Do you need to see real time network traffic on your windows screen? How about seeing a graph of the bandwidth consumption for the current month? Does the real time network traffic on your windows screen bothers you? Now you can simply install Network Monitor and see a real time network traffic graph on your windows screen.
Network Monitor creates a list of hostnames and keeps a record of current connections with these hosts. The statistics can be exported to a suitable format for your email, ftp, csv or txt. It provides detailed reports and alarms about bandwidth consumption for the current day, current week, current month and current year.
You can define thresholds for when bandwidth consumption must exceed a pre-defined value. You can create a profile to allow you to simply load the information and then view it directly from the interface of Network Monitor. Network Monitor will give you a schedule of the connections of a

System Requirements:

* Windows 7/8/10 64bit
* Nvidia GTX 550(AMD R9 270 equivalent) with 1GB VRAM
* 5%CPU
* 100Mb/s broadband Internet connection
* Keyboard & Mouse
* Sound Card
* Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or AMD Phenom 2.3GHz or above
* Windows update may be required
* System required or System Compatibility not guaranteed
* Switch to internet mode