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Bill Inventory Management
It automates Billing and Invoicing with a single connection. It is suited for Profiles, Stores and Professional stores.
Bill Management
The software provides Billing & Invoicing features for professionals that manages the billing process. It also supports Bill Management for Online Billing.
Inventory Management
The inventory control system helps the business in monitoring the inventory of their stocks and is suitable for Profiles, Stores and Professional stores.
Sales Order Management
The software automatically generates sales orders for Profiles and Store. It also allows you to make invoice for items in sales order.
The online sales software manages your business online presence with its high level of functionality and ready to use set of features.
Customer Management
Manages sales to customers for the professional business owners.
Cross Sell, Upsell, Cross Order and Promote
The multi-channel marketing, cross sell and up sell, campaign options will help you sell products that are related to the products that your customers currently have in their cart. The program supports cross order and promotions.
Sales Tax
The tax calculating software comes with a ready-to-use feature. Taxes are calculated on the basis of different items and they also supports different tax rates for different countries.
Sales Rep Automation
This allows to assign sales reps to various locations of the businesses. It allows you to track the sales rep’s performance and send them periodic reports. The sales rep contact information is also stored.
The database has a built-in reporting engine with many reports. Reports can be customized as per the needs.
Credit Note Tracking
It allows to track the credit notes of the vendors. This tool also helps to quickly order new credit notes.
Purchase Order Tracking
It records all the payment details for the purchase orders made by the business.
Sales & Purchase Order Tracking
It enables the user to keep track of all the sales made by the business.
Customer Management
The software enables a user to manage the customer’s shopping cart, allow them to add products to cart, track the cart, redeem their orders and supports the email marketing.
Hot Product
The Hot Product module enables a business to keep track of the products which sell fast and offers special discounts

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Inventory and Sales Management Software 1.5.5 Features:
1. Inventory software 1.5.5 supports Sub-Total, Total, Discount and Tax
2. Invoice Processing 2.0.15 software by ViSION Technology
3. Invoices can be exported to various format such as Excel, CSV, Text, RTF, PDF and HTML.
4. Generate and Create Sales Order
5. Supports multi-user access
6. Customer/Supplier Contact Management
7. Choose Customer and Supplier Billing Types – Prepaid, Postpaid, Postpaid & Bank transfer, Postpaid & Cash, Postpaid & Credit card, Postpaid & BANK transfer
8. Choose Preferred Payment Method – Cash, Check, Bank transfer, Credit Card
9. Voucher Creation
10. Write invoices by taking price from the Most recent price per customer/supplier
11. View prices daily, weekly, monthly
12. Check invoice discounts
13. Support Item Cost, Item Selling price, Item mark-up and quantity scales
14. Supports multi-customer, multi-supplier
15. Printing of Invoice from the system
16. Invoice Detail List
17. Billing Details List
18. Items Inventory List
19. Chart of Accounts
20. License key management
21. Add products to the home screen for easy accessing
22. Multi-language support
23. File manager
24. Integration with accounting and ERP systems
25. Generate custom forms
26. Integration of Intuit QuickBooks® solutions
27. Invoicing
28. Inventory and Sales Management Software Supported Platforms:
Windows (Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 & Windows Server 2012 R2) and Mac OS X
Soumita Gupta
ViSION Technology (P) Ltd.









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There are many products available to manage Invoicing requirements but this efficient product has the unique features of Inventory, Sales, Payment, and Recurring invoicing management. It is fully integrated system to perform all operations and access it via the web. All your data are stored in the cloud providing secured security and safe storage.It has the advanced Inventory feature with inventory updating system. It lets you manage your records of customers, products and orders.The software enables you to manage different projects and has inbuilt features to support your business and customers. It supports sales, purchase, vendor and supplier management.


1. Create Invoice
2. Pdf Invoice
3. Print Invoice
4. Edit Invoice
5. PDF Edit Invoice
6. Invoice prints with Name, ID, Address, Quantity, Price, Amount, Date and customer Email
7. Currency as AED
8. Invoice Amount can be Custom
9. Invoice will be send to customer
10. Invoice email sent
11. One time or recurring Email delivery
12. First class Post Invoice Email delivery
13. Invoice can be deliver with Pdf attachment

2. Create and edit Invoice Pdf
a. Create Invoice PDF
b. Support unlimited PDF pages
c. Import your PDF and edit your PDF in all sheet
d. You can print or email your invoice
e. Edit Invoice PDF
f. Convert and convert your invoice

3. Create and edit Invoice Edit
a. Create and Edit Invoice in all cells format like Text, date, number, decimal point, account etc.
b. Pdf Invoice can be import
c. You can use Image in your Pdf Invoice

4. Print Invoice (Electronic)
a. Print invoices in any format
b. Print invoices from XLS, Excel, Csv files
c. Print invoices from invoice settings
d. Print invoices in pdf
e. Preview invoice
f. Print invoices in bill for XLS

5. Edit Invoice
a. Paste/Add/Delete/Merge Invoices
b. Import and Export Invoices
c. Print Invoices
d. Save and Save as
e. Convert and convert to PDF
f. Automatically convert to PDF

6. Invoice Date Today
a. Update/Send

What’s New in the?

* Integrates all accounting processes into a single comprehensive and smooth workflow.
* Speed up your business with efficient workflow automation for all areas of your business.
* Efficient stock control, invoicing, and reporting.
* Inventory management, Sales and Purchase Order, Sales & Purchase Order, Customer Contact Management, Customer Invoice List, Export to CSV and Multi-currency support.
* Billing and Accounting processes including Accounts Payable & Receivables, Cash flow, Margin Analysis and Forecasting.
* Sales Tax with reports.
* Multiple Languages support, with French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, and Arabic as well.
* Help file included
Install and Setup:
* Install and Unzip file to directory.
* Edit system.ini and application.ini as required.
* Adjust application settings.
* Rebuild and run software in silent mode.

XL Inventory Management Software Description:
XL Inventory Management Software is a simple and cost effective Inventory management software for small and medium scale business. It is very useful in businesses with fewer number of products.
It gives simple user interface with several options. It is very easy to use as it supports drag & drop, calendar, touch screen, and emails for printing invoices.
Users can see all transactions on a day with the dates of all receipts and payments in a separate window.
It gives a total price of the items sold, net amount of inventory, total income and other accounts details.
Features include history view, multi-currency support, total price list, contact list, transaction details, web print, tax rate and year, customized product lists, various transaction types, tree view report, and much more.
It also has optional fields for payment method, bank account details, delivery notes, seller notes, ware house no. and date of delivery.
• Copy files from the CD to your hard disk.
• Copy folder files (if required) to your hard disk.
• Unzip folder.
• Adjust system.ini and application.ini as required.
• Run software.

Accounting Tool Description:
Accounting Tool is a small free accounting software that is both easy to use and simple. It is a standalone application unlike other accounting tools that require a database.
Users can easily download and install this program. After installation, the Accounting Tool is very easy to use. Using Accounting Tool is simple and user friendly with the help of its wizard

System Requirements For All-in-One Invoice Software:

NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards with Shader Model 5.0
Intel or AMD CPU
Windows 7 64-bit or later
MacOSX 10.6 or later
Free and unlimited storage space
A broadband Internet connection
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