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Never save an image to your hard drive or anywhere other than the desktop because that image won’t be easy to recover if you need to.

3. Click the New Layer button, which is on the Tools panel.

A new layer window appears, as shown in Figure 1-9.

4. The Layer Styles window appears when you click the New Layer button, as shown in Figure 1-9.

The Layer Styles window lists all the available effects, including their type (drop-shadow, stroke, etc.), blending mode (overlay, multiply, etc.), and transparency percentage.

The shadows, gradients, and other effects that are available in Photoshop’s Layer Style dialog box are great for defining the look of an image.

To add a new layer, click the New Layer button in the bottom-right corner of the Layer Styles window. (See Step 2 for more on what that button does.)

5. After you add a new layer, you can use the following tools to place items on the layer:

* Move the layer up or down on the Layers panel

You can use the Move tool for this. On the tool bar, click the Move Up button to move the layer down, or the Move Down button to move the layer up. You can also type a positive or negative number in the Move box on the tool bar to move the layer up or down.

* Move the layer to the left or right on the Layers panel

You can use the Move tool for this. On the tool bar, click the left arrow button (to the right of the Move tool’s Lens Correction options) to move the layer right or click the right arrow button (to the left of the Move tool’s Lens Correction options) to move the layer left. You can also type a positive or negative number in the Move box on the tool bar to move the layer to the left or right.

* Resize the layer’s size

The Resize tool appears on the tool bar when you click the Resize tool icon in the bottom-right corner of the Layer Styles window. Click the

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Key Features:

Great for photo editing, touch-up, etc.

Filter effects, brushes, and tools available

Drag-and-drop editing

Touch or mouse-based interface

Works as a stand-alone application or integrates with Google Photo Library

Adobe Photoshop Elements Image Editing Tutorial

1. Let’s start

I use Photoshop and I want to move the image of the person from the bottom to the top.

Click Image > Image Size and enter the size you want your image to be.

Click Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast.

Use the dials to adjust how much effect you want your image to have.

2. Start painting

Now I want to add a subtle shadow around the person’s feet using the Pencil tool.

Use the Pencil tool. If you don’t use it, you can go to the 3D view and click it from the Tools menu > Pencil.

Click on the image and then use the brush and brush tool to paint.

Click on the image, select Solid Color, and select gray-colored brush.

Click the image, click on the left side to the color palette, and choose Soft Gray.

3. Enhance shadows and highlights

I want to add some highlights using the Brush tool.

To do this, click and hold the Brush tool and choose the Highlight or Midtones brushes.

Click on the image, add a brush to the Paint Bucket, and then paint around the highlighted areas.

Use the Highlight brush to create a soft highlight and use the Midtones brush to create a strong highlight.

Highlight the edges with the Bevel and Emboss brush tool.

4. More effects

Let’s use the Smart Sharpen filter to increase the sharpness of the image.

Click Image > Adjustments > Sharpen.

Use the dials to adjust the levels of the sharpen effect.

Click on the image to activate the effect.

5. Rethink the layout

I want to move the image of the girl from the middle to the top of the frame. I think she’s looking good where she is. But we need to check the image by looking from the side. Let’s choose this perspective for more accuracy.

Click the

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Get an entity in a redis cache as generic

How can I get a generic entity from redis as shown below. I am building a dynamic cache that I want to be always mapped to a distinct key value. How can I do this?
public class Cache
private readonly Client _client;

private readonly string _cacheKey;
private readonly RedisConnection _connection;

public Cache(Client client, string cacheKey, RedisConnection connection)
_client = client;
_cacheKey = cacheKey;
_connection = connection;

public T Get()
string cacheKey = _cacheKey + MakeKey();
if (!_connection.Exists(cacheKey))
return null;

var value = _connection.As();
T obj = _connection.Value();
return obj;

private string MakeKey(string primaryKey = «»)
return primaryKey + MakeKey(typeof(T));

private string MakeKey(Type type)
return Enumerable.Range(1, 4).Aggregate(string.Empty, (current, i) => current + type.GetHashCode().ToString() + «_» + i);


Please note, I am new to redis and C#.


From your code it seems like you’re using the IDisposable pattern – pretty ok!
Let’s say we have a class named MyEntity which has some generic properties, let’s say, for argument’s sake, that one is called Id :
public class MyEntity
public int Id { get

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