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Photoshop Elements is the updated version of Photoshop Express for the Windows platform. You’ll find more useful features in Photoshop Elements than in the desktop version. And you don’t need to buy the whole program to access its features.

Free software

Some of the most famous computer programs on the market are free. The popular free software available today includes the following programs:

GIMP: The GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP (pronounced «gimp») is an open source, nonproprietary, all-purpose graphical editor originally developed by a group of German programmers but now created by a group of North American programmers. GIMP is free of charge and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Picasa: Google’s open source image editor is known for its fast performance and for the depth of editing features available in its version 2. Picasa serves up a catalog of 100 million digital images.

Photoshop Express: Microsoft’s image editor is not free, but it does not have the power, editing options, and feature set of Photoshop. That said, it does have a new interface for a touch-screen world, so it’s not so much a bad choice as a limited choice.

WordPress: The editor is much improved in the WordPress 3.0 release, which should make it easier to use. Using a spreadsheet to store all your photography, address, and basic contact information, WordPress can be a valuable tool in your photo business. Start by getting a copy of WordPress.

When a photo editing program is mentioned, I’m talking about the program that you purchase to do the actual editing. Free editing programs are usually packed with bugs and are not supported by the manufacturers.

Checking out today’s leading photo editors

The editors that I discuss in this section all offer features for editing digital photos, video, and high-definition video, whether for the desktop or the web. As with photography, more features are available in more expensive programs. Most are available on both PC and Mac platforms. Windows is the dominant platform for home/personal computing, but Mac products are easier to use than Windows products. I base my review on my experience with each program.


In my case, GIMP ended up being the preferred photo editing program for me, although it isn’t the only great solution on the market. This program is now mature and reliable, and it continues to improve every new version.

Windows, Mac

Photoshop Download Free Pc Full Version Crack Free

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Before you begin

As with any kind of photo editor, it’s important to make sure your images are in good shape. You can do this by doing a basic scrub on them. This means making sure every frame is sharp by using the scroll wheel to jump into a frame and then using the A key to accept the photo. You can also use the A key to cycle through all your photos. When you’re satisfied with the photos’ sharpness, you can save them to your computer. From there, you can move on to edit them.

It’s also important to make sure you’re using the most recent version of the software. The software was rebranded to Photoshop Elements and this version is called Photoshop Elements 14.

Table of Contents

Getting started

Photoshop Elements is a bit more geared towards hobbyists and amateur photographers than a full-fledged digital photo editor. It features a simplified interface, high compression settings, and a great default file naming system.

Additionally, there is very little memory and CPU usage which results in faster performance than Photoshop.

It has a lot of limitations, including not allowing you to edit a lot of layers. This generally only applies to photos taken with a smartphone camera or photos shot on a very low-end camera.

Common actions

The following are some of the most common actions which you can perform with Photoshop Elements.

Color and White Balance

In Photoshop Elements, you can edit both color and white balance. For color you can select one of 6 preset colors or use a color wheel.

For white balance, you can select from 3 preset presets (Cloudy, Cloudy With a Little Shade, Overcast), or let Elements know the light source using the Lighting tool.

If you want to adjust the white balance, the best option is the Lighting tool. It allows you to see a list of adjustments and create a custom preset to use for future photos.

However, you can also change color settings for each photo using the Adjustment panel.

Images with very specific settings (such as a gray screen) will also create very specific presets.


You can use the Details and Vignette tools to create selective color adjustments in your photos.

Details creates a very cool vignette effect while Vignette creates a darker area around the edges.

In order to adjust color around the edges of your photos,

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