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* The Photoshop help menus have long been criticized for being overly complex and inaccessible. Adobe has now released a series of books on Photoshop basics and more advanced topics.
* Photoshop has a well-known reputation for being able to turn talented photo editors into serious crooks, or at least incompetent. Many of these so-called image retouching and altering programs, known as image processing programs, are easy to find. However, professional image editing requires a fair amount of math training and patience to even be considered competent with. You must learn to use the program, not just copy and paste or take its preset adjustments. This can be a tough learning curve, but these days Photoshop has become a lot more robust and there are numerous video tutorials available online for those wanting to explore the program further.

This book teaches the basics of Photoshop and how to manipulate images easily. We’ll start with the basics, from creating simple images to retouching photos. We’ll also cover the intermediate side, tackling editing video, creating clip art, and color correction. Learning to do these things well—not just correctly, but with conviction and originality—will give you the edge when making your own images.

In the process of creating new images for this book we encountered numerous bugs in Photoshop that have not been fixed, so when referencing existing images it’s important to remember that these bugs may exist in your Photoshop installation. Photoshop is a constantly evolving beast, and these bugs may exist within versions produced by Adobe.

The book will guide you through the basics of Photoshop, covering the basics of setting up a new work environment and installing the software. Afterward we’ll step through the tools, going through each of the primary tools in Photoshop. We’ll explore the menus and layout of the programs, and you’ll learn to become a proficient image manipulator with Photoshop.

In the end you’ll have a firm knowledge of each tool and what it does, how to use it, how it can be customized, and where to find the right resources.

The book will tackle the various functions and features of Photoshop. We’ll use a right-to-left layout in each chapter to show you how to use the menus and tools with that layout. We’ll also use the menus and tools throughout the book to create new files, so you’ll learn how to use Photoshop, not just copy and paste the way that a more novice user would.

We’ll cover many different techniques and effects, starting from the basics and building

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Photoshop Elements has both basic and advanced features, allowing you to easily go from a pixel to a finished product. Its simple user interface means that you will get just as much power as you do from the professional version. If you need to make advanced edits, you can use Photoshop Elements Pro CC for $149 or Photoshop Elements 2019 for $169.

Snyk caught up with Dmitry Makarenko of the Adobe Photoshop Elements team to find out what the team thinks will be in Elements 2020.

What new features will Photoshop Elements 2020 have?

There are five main directions for the future:

More features for video editing

More features for still images

More features for web creation and design

More accessibility features

New UI features

And I’m happy to inform you that all of these directions are to be included in PSE 2020.

PSE 2020 will have:

UI enhancements

A more complete, professional look

Expanded color management

More support for video editing

New effects

New tools

Some of the new tools in PSE 2020 will support VFX. All the tools which we think would benefit from VFX support (and we are open to other users’ ideas as well) are being tested and considered for inclusion in the next major release.

Possible new features for video editing include effects that would work well for adding live effects to video like filters and transition effects, for fine-tuning the audio, and for batch processing video clips.

New effects: We have a few ideas in mind but we are keeping them secret for now:

Beta version of Photoshop Elements 2020 is available for free

From November 26, 2019 you can download the Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 software version beta and start using it.

20.09.2019 | Version 2020.2

Color Management

What is the main change in 2020?

A more complete, professional look

Expanded color management

What improvements will you see?

Differential color analysis

Multiple Color Matching in a single image

CIELab color space and Rec. 2020 color space

Color replacement curves

New tool: Color and content aware tool

Some of the improvements of the year include:

Improvements in the gradient tool

Improvements in the color selection masking tool

Improvements in the Nudge tool


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import React from’react’;
import { mount } from ‘enzyme’;
import { SC_VALUE } from ‘../value.types’;
import { TestComponent } from ‘../../..’;
import DatePicker from ‘../datepicker/datepicker’;

describe(‘DatePicker’, () => {
it(‘should render correctly’, () => {
const { wrapper } = mount(Hello World);

it(‘should handle input events’, () => {
const onInputClick = jest.fn();
const onInputChange = jest.fn();
const wrapper = mount(Hello World);
wrapper.find(‘.p-datepicker__input’).first().simulate(‘change’, { target: { value: ‘2019-12-15’ } });

it(‘should be disabled’, () => {
const { wrapper } = mount(Hello World);

it(‘should handle disabled’, () => {
const onClick = jest.fn();
const wrapper = mount(Hello World);

What’s New In?


Why is this.htaccess file not working?

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You shouldn’t have to manually add RewriteBase, if you are using the default directory for your projects, or if you are already in that directory.
Try removing it.

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